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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 27, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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check it out. a quick check of the markets. the dow is up 70 points and stocks dipped a bit before bouncing back. we will watch for you. that's it for me. thanks for watching. i will be back in "the situation room." newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> here we go. thank you very much. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour, i want to take you to ukraine. the u.s. is confirming and keeping a close eye on the threat russia might pose there. the fear right now is repetition of cold war tactics. russia reenstated the promise they were there at the boarder and has nothing to do with ukraine. >> we believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations and we want to see in the next days ahead obviously that the choices
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russia makes conform to this affirmation we received today. >> this reaffirmation secretary kerry is talking about is happening as vladimir putin orders drills and readiness checks near the nation's borders. 150,000 russian combat troops are now at the ready. and a u.s. military source telling cnn troops could move very, very quickly if and when order comes from moscow. the fear would be to storm and reclaim ukraine specifically to the peninsula there. a peninsula that connects ukraine to russia in the east. 50 gunmen have taken over a parliament building there, cutting the wire and storming the grounds. they raised the russian flag. look at this. a move many fear would be a symbolic move on what's to come. keep in mind this part of the
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country, this is the russian dominated area. we talked about this before. the area we highlighted red for you. this is the part of the country that is dominated by ethnic russians and russian speakers. the concern now is could the u.s. be on the verge of a new cold war? joining me now, two people who know this part of the world very well. both from cnn international. thank you for coming up here. because i think the first issue as it pertains to the united states as russia is tiptoeing up to the edge. if and when they invade, they are saying they are respecting the territorial integrity of the ukraine, what are the u.s. options? >> that's i think further down the line. i'm sure you will agree with me. we had secretary hagel at nato headquarters in brussels say to moscow, don't go too far. we are hearing from the secretary general as well. saying and i quote, i might urge
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russia not to take any action that can escalate tension. at this point we are in a situation where there is a lot of chest reading and a lot of show of force. is there a belief held that russia is about to invade ukraine? we mentioned specifically, i don't think that belief exists. >> you don't think so. back to your point before we began, this notion of chest beating up to the edge. >> they are not tiptoeing. >> not at all. >> they are letting ukraine know and the new prime minister. don't make any military moves and don't be as stupid as they were in georgia. leave things alone. russia is here. >> you interviewed that the now fugitive former president we are hearing he could be speaking. what was he like and what do you think he will be saying? has he talked to putin and he
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told him what to say? >> he had his own man and relies on putin a lot. the russians medvedev made it clear that everyone said we have a new government here. they see the elected leader of the country. he fled because of the tradition of politics. as soon as you push anybody aside, get them arrest and throw them in jail. he avoided that. did he flee? yes. he is more vital to the russian interest and everything else standing the way he is from the press conference. he said tomorrow. from inside russia. >> she still the legitimate leader of ukraine. we discussed a lot over the last few days. the type of war that ukraine has this proxy battle. it's also economic. you cannot forget how terrible the situation is.
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we will provide help for you about how you get those in the country with money and pledges of the systems. >> i am waiting to see. $19 billion is the magic number. they can get that kind of money. >> $35 billion. you say 19? corruption is a fine tradition. it's not only jan cove itch and his party, but all of the ole garbings. this country is steeped in tradition. this is the same government we had under the soviet union.
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not just the system as was the leadership was run by those close to russia. they are not a magic bullet in terms of democracy in the terms we understand it. >> you can stand here and make promises, but writing the checks, i will wait and see that. >> thank you very much. we will continue the conversation and that's happening very, very closely. while the world's attention is focussed on russia and the leader, vladimir putin, kim jung unis determined to plex his muscle with the missile launch and it happens right here on the korean peninsula. they said the communist neighbor to the north fired four short range missiles into the east sea. it appears north korea is unhappy by joint drills by the
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u.s. and south korea. it's not clear if they were fired anywhere near those exercises. breaking news and an ep date up eric holder's health. he was rushed to the hospital with lightheadedness. outside the hospital in d.c. with an update. what are you hearing? >> reporter: koofrgd toaccordin enforcement official. eric holder has been released from med star washington hospital and now at home in washington, d.c. resting comfortably. all the excitement started earlier today during a senior staff meeting at doj. he was reported to have felt faint and experienced shortness of breath and brought here to washington hospital center as a precaution for doctors to run tests. we were told that he was talking to doctors and alert and now we
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are told eric holder has been released from the hospital and is back home resting comfortably. he works very hard, but appears extremely fit. he used to be and may still be something of a basketball player. i can tell you i played basketball with him back in the day. he has a good jump shot. whatever happened, he wasn't admitted and he's back home. they took tests and we will look to them to tell us what's next. let me tell you about the federal reserve. when she testified today on capitol hill at the hearing with the senate banking committee. that was about two weeks ago. the string of storms may have dented the economy.
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>> a number of data releases talked to softer spending. part of that softness may reflect adverse weather conditions, but it's difficult to discern how much. definitely up in the green up 70 points here. looking pretty good and about two hours away from the closing bell. coming up, breaking today, spies collected pictures of a yahoo user in sexually explicit situations. this is according to a report. we will tell you how this happened. a lawmaker in arizona under fire for smokes he made during a roast of sheriff joe arpaio. hear from the sheriff himself
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. startling information about your life and privacy. in the guardian newspaper, a spy agency with help from the nsa has been sweeping up and storing millions of web cam images if you are a yahoo user. a large number of those were sexually explicit.
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the program code name is still going on in 2012 according to the paper. the information came from the document by edward snowden. they deny any prior knowledge of the program. if the support is true, it represents this whole new level of violation of user privacy and they of course say that is completely unacceptable. now to the roast for controversial arizona sheriff arpaio that ended up burping one of his friends. the friend is under fire for racial incensity. he was a major supporter of arizona's just vetoed religious freedom bill. he also just looking back for you in context, cowrote arizona's controversial immigration law. he is now getting notice for his jabs this past weekend at sheriff arpaio's roasts. i hear you. roasts are definitely offensive and satyrical and mocking in
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tone, however he went too far when ripping into joe arpaio after the department of justice found they were racially profiling hispanics. this is an audio clip of a couple of comments taken from the website. roll em. >> sheriff joe is the kind of guy that you got to love. as long as you have a purse. there is always an advantage. usually when we walk into a restaurant, most dive out the back window. and when they don't, i never know what is in my food.
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along with her is joe arpaio. i would love to hear how he is reacting. >> i top the give more context first. this was a roast and the southern law center cold us they sent in someone to monitor this event. that's how they came up with this reporting and this is the group that has been critical of the sheriff. we reached out to the representative who made the comments. he did not want to do an interview, but he gave us this statement. he said the jokes i made at the roast at his invitation for comedy, they were not directed at minority members, but the target of the roast. he goes on to say this is a partial attack talking aboutrsy
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roast. this appears to be politically motivated probably due to my support of sv 1070, the controversial immigration law. the sheriff is kind enough to offer his thoughts on what is a controversy. first, did this roast go too far? >> it was a roast. john is my friend. i support him. he is not a racist. he is very funny. he meat his comments. i can't speak to whether he went too far. >> you thought it was funny. others took offense saying that his jokes didn't necessarily target you. it was latinos and other groups that were the target of these jokes. the butt of these jokes. it took his speech as hate speech. what's your reaction? >> i will tell you about the reaction.
11:18 am
to call me nazi, hitler and everything else, they wanted to defend me. i have to ask you. >> i don't think hate speech is condoned. >> i want them to do that. >> as an eye for an eye, is that right? >> if i knew he was a racist, i wouldn't be near him. he's not a racist. he's making jokes. everybody jokes with me. this carries more weight. >> i don't know if it carries more weight than lopez calling me every name in the book. people fire journalists for making one word sometimes. i don't know if being a legislator, he was being elected and he was there as a private sides and my neighbor. to make fun of me.
11:19 am
that's okay with me. >> did his comments go too far? it's my understanding that you said this is enough. >> you know, he's the that made the comments and i'm not going to criticize him. even to say worse about me than that. >> you can emphasize with the people who carry these comments. i'm hispanic myself and i took offense to the jokes he made. he made jokes about muslims and asians. i top the play more clip for the viewers that involved some of the other groups that he talked about. >> a lot of people claim it will cause discrimination based upon religion. i stopped at that until tonight. a muslim waiter serving up here walked up to the sheriff and
11:20 am
wouldn't give in because he said i don't serve swine. >> i know you couldn't hear that, but you were there. you were live at first when he made the comment about senate bill 1062 which you have been talking a lot about this week. a lot of people thought that could create a situation that you thought was okay. in that comment, he talked about muslims and so i guess my question to you is, is it ever okay. given our country's history to throw race outer and use it. >> i was the top guy in south america and turkey and the mideast. i know a little about foreign countries. i know about racism. i'm not going to get into my
11:21 am
family's background. he was just making some comments. i didn't tell him what to do. i got him five minutes before. governor perry was talking about me. a lot of people roasted me. why did they put it out yesterday? why not three days ago. why did they wait for the governor's decision. you can see the politics involved in this. >> we have to end it there. thank you so much for joining us. >> okay. thank you, sheriff. anna cabrera, thank you very much. great back and forth there from the sheriff's perspective. now the dating game gave a lot of americans their first key into the sexual revolution and it's a place where they got their first exposure to the public. we will take a look at the impact of the show and the man who held it all together and jim la lange as we remember him today. in honor of her late boyfriend
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. before there was e harmony or match or tippeder, there was jim lange, the first host of the popular game show, the dating game. family members said he died tuesday morning in his california home. he was 81 years of age. he suffered a heart attack. he hosted the dating game more than a decade beginning in 1965 and looking at his guests, talk about hollywood's a-list.
11:26 am
i would make the national pastime love. >> i have only been in this country five years and there some expressions i still don't understand. what does it mean hanky panky? >> whenever i go out, girls are always following me. if we go out and a bunch of girls follow me, let's hear what you would say to them to make them go away. >> he's mine, not yours! >> the young faces and the iconic loss of the game show world. legendary and of course many, many shows following suit after that. now the impact of the dating game is entertainment anchor aj hammer. as he would do, the floor is yours. >> all of the contestants would
11:27 am
end the show with a big kiss. he was running around shirtless on a beach vowing to walk down the aisle with him. it was the dating game that started it all. as innocent as it seems, jim lange with his big glasses and the set, it was racy for its time. this was the mid-1960s when it launched. the writers were charged with upon can be up with questions that were sexy answers back then. you heard him say what is this hanky panky. >> many of them before they were stars like tom selleck and suzanne sommers. would any of them on the bachelor or bachelorette if they were born. >> i can't imagine they would. there was something special about that. i love the sweet questions that were so naughty back then. >> naughty. >> naughty. switching gears, talking about
11:28 am
glee, it has been seven months since the death of the glue star, cory monty. his girlfriend reported this heart breaking song about him. here's a clip of that. ♪ it has been seven whole days seven whole days since you paralyzed me ♪ ♪ seven whole days seven whole days since you ♪ >> sad, sad. >> it is really sad. the new track is called if you say so. he is singing it essentially about the last four words he supposedly said to her. before he passed away. this would be a haunting song even if we didn't know the back story, but knowing how he left her behind, it is heart breaking and you feel her pain and anger at losing him. the words in her voice. they were a couple on glee and
11:29 am
in real and dating almost two years when he died last july in his hotel room of a heroin overdose. we hear in the song her singing that it has been seven whole days. seven whole days. >> what does that mean? >> she hasn't talked about it publicly yet, but taking it at face value, she put the words to paper when she was in an unimaginable place a week after his death. it will be out on tuesday. it seems she is doing all right despite the unimaginable year she had. >> thank you very much. >> new details emerging about how governor chris christie's administration handled the bridge scandal. we are finding out about who said who to whom and who did a rabbi play? also ahead, the first lady, michelle obama introducing new foot labels, but the thing we are wondering here, look at this. will this really make a
11:30 am
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save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.ould yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. . >> bombshell. revelations in the bridge scandal for chris christie's office, the treasure trove of text messages went public. these are texts that i will read in a second from two key players accused of snarling the traffic
11:34 am
on george washington bridge as revenge for the mayor who declined to support chris christie's reelection campaign. these new texts or newly revealed came days after the infamous traffic problems and the message from christie's then deputy of staff bridget kelly. here we have it on august 19th, wildstein sent a photo of a prominent rabbi to kelly with this message. and he really missed me off. we cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we? they report flights to tel aviv mysteriously delayed. he responds, perfect. months later, kelly was fire and governor christie said he did not know a thing about the alleged plan to snarl traffic until the scandal erupted.
11:35 am
the chief correspondent joins me now. wow. let's get to christie's comments in a moment, but first i want to hear your reaction, sir, to that back and forth. with the rabbi. >> let's be clear. there is zero, zip, nada suggesting that he knew or had anything to do with it. he told you a few days after bridge gate, the closing of the lanes on the george washington bridge, these two, a deputy and his governor's office and a key christie appointee put two people close to the governor who were joking about it. they are having a joking conversation that they didn't do anything and threatening to have traffic as a joke in front of the rabbi's house. the joke was speaker john boehner, chris christie was mad for delaying sandy relief fund. that's what they were guessing. nobody knows for sure about this. the rabbi said he had no idea and saw him quoting that he had
11:36 am
no idea what it was about. these guys were joking about this and that would be part of the investigation. not only what happened, did the governor he said he did not, but did he know about the lane closure. what was the culture? that's the potential downside. >> okay. we talked about chris christie being involved and i think it was his 111th town hall yesterday and flash forward to last night. he slammed the media and said he was finished answering questions and now his ex-aide bridget kelly. >> at the end of the day, if someone is not telling the truth, they won't tell the truth. what do you do? shake them upside down until e-mails fly out of their pocket? let's not be hysterical about this. you folks are the only people at the moment who are asking me about this. i have been to two town hall meetings with 28 questions and there has not been one on this.
11:37 am
i will be dammed if i lead this in the way of doing my real job. >> i will be dammed he said. what do you make of his tone and you folks, the media. >> it's a predictable playbook. go back to when any politicians are facing scrutiny. one of the things is he has had a couple of town halls. those are choreographed effects and he has not been asked about it. by citizens. he can use this. the governor knows this. these investigations are going to go on for weeks if not months and some think years. the two aides we talked about with wildstein and bridget kelly are among two aides who plead the fifth. they have every legal right to do that. doesn't mean they did anything wrong. they went on and on and on. they tried to pass a state budget and do other business and maintain a national profile.
11:38 am
they have clouds of an uncertain investigation. you can see he is frustrated. >> thank you very much from washington for us today and the government is proposing changing the food labels. one expert said the move is a false victory. we will see the labels. will the newer versions make us healthier. find out why they may not make a difference at all. midwest rivers are starting to thaw. that means ice jams. yes, ice jams are threatening communities throughout this area. we will take you there live. bl they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru.
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what will your verse be?
11:41 am
i want you to take a look at these pictures. you will see miles and miles of rivers frozen to a halt. ice jams are block waterways in the midwest. ted is now standing by such an
11:42 am
ice jam on the kankakee river about an hour from chicago. my goodness, my friend. looking at you, i'm cold looking at you. me what's going on behind you. >> well, the fact that you brought up the cold is a good thing. look at this ice jam. what's happening now because of the cold weather, it's not moving. the river below it is moving and draining which is a good thing. the ice jam theoretically will go down soon. about three or four days ago it wasn't here. we had warm weather and it foreign and now look at it. the problem is the force that this ice jam and any other has when it is on the road. you don't want to be near it. there homes near it. along the kankakee and other rivers around the midwest. jo jo's home. the self-appointed mayor of the kankakee river. he has been here all his life.
11:43 am
your biggest fear. all these people who live on the road and all these people who live on intosh, we are in trouble. we need prayers and good luck. >> you have never seen anything like this? >> in all my years. >> the way it happened this year, we have intense weather across the country. it's the cold weather followed by the few warm days that created this mess. being out here, it's beautiful. a gorgeous sight. it is a dangerous situation for these folks. not only for the ice jam, but when it does break up. there is a potential for flooding. a lot of people here are nervous out here looking at this and watching every day. >> and by the 52 em who are living close to that ice jam. thank you very much.
11:44 am
and the first lady today heralded a new generation of nutrition labels. for the first time in more than 20 year, the fda is proposing changing the labels to clear the confusion about what it is we are eating. here are the changes the fda is proposing. let's talk calories. the calorie count. you see the number. it more accurately reflects what a person will eat of the product and bigger there on the label as well. percentages of vitamins and nutrients on the left make it easier to follow. and not just sugar, but the manufactured sugar that so many food experts say is the contributing factor to the obesity epidemic. the fda wants to know your thoughts and you have the next three months to give your input before it makes the final decision. the first lady said the changes are a big deal. >> our guiding principal is simply that you as a parent and
11:45 am
a consumer should be able to walk into a grocery store and pick an item off a shelf and tell whether it's good for your family. >> but they say today's announcement is not taking it far enough. the distinguished professor of nutriti nutrition, he believes the changes are a false victory. >> what we mean by that is that the label changes were great. they focused on calories. they put the focus on true serving sizes. however the average american spends six seconds looking at the package. they don't look at the back of the label. >> if that long. >> yes. the food and drug administration invested millions of having an institute of medicine panel study and recommend a set of pags are package labels.
11:46 am
that is what the american consumer needs. simple guidance in the front of the package. >> you are saying hey, this is great. we are moving in the right direction. they should be doing more. me why you think a star or a check on the front is really going to change someone from looking or not. >> we have evidence from a number of country that is it does two things. first, consumers do more likely to pick things. even when change in the u.s. however globally 20 countries do this. we have seen industry reformulate. they cut their added sugar and added whole grains and cut their sodium. they pushed innovation and formulation by industry. we need that. >> that's interesting. it's less about the consumer, but also about that food
11:47 am
manufacturer or that company saying i need the star because i want people to buy my product and should make healthier food. >> that's right. it gives them guidelines to what we call a healthier food product group by product group. if you are a ready to eat cereal and you have let's say only ten grams of sugar, 40 or 50 calories and not 100 calories are then you are a healthy ready to eat cereal. they it make it taste fine and they would do it. that happens in the countries that implemented the system. >> you have the folks who spent the six seconds or what have you look it is at the labels and the others don't at all. those are the ones that we need to target who are not as health conscious. if you came up with one big solution for targeting those consumers, what would it be? >> get rid of everything but the name on the front of the package and have a star or check if
11:48 am
something says this is a healthy product. get it. >> well said. the professor of nutrition at chapel hill, thank you so much, sir. >> my pleasure. >> coming up next, is jesus too sexy? yep, one cnn anchor has an issue with the depiction of jesus in the bible movie. we will ask why. don't miss this. next. ♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪
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. >> that was a clip of carol costel costello. you wrote this op ed piece. i felt like you were a comedian in another life. you were doing a double take because jesus is hot. >> have you seen this? i'm gawking at the actor and thinking oh, my gosh, i'm gawking at jesus. i felt kind of dirty and creepy. i decided to write an op ed about this. it makes me uncomfortable that jesus is portrayed as sexy.
11:53 am
>> you look at films of passion of the christ and old paintings and jesus as you pointed out had a six-pack. why is that? you talked to biblical experts. scholars. >> we know that jesus was a palestinian jew. he probably did not look like this. >> he was a carpenter. >> maybe he was buff. i don't know. there is a deeper meaning here. jesus was human and divine. we as humans have a problem seeing jesus as a human being. that's just like us. the only difference between jesus and you or me is jesus was without sin. every other way he was a human being. he sprained his ankle and sneezed and did everything a human being does. there was a reason he did that. that made him more accessible. we could relate to jesus. he was like us only so much better. to me when you see him portrayed by actors, you are sexualizing
11:54 am
jesus, that takes him away. >> sorry that our bad or hollywood's bad. >> i don't know if it's hollywood's bad because they have the best interest at heart. their heart is in the right place. they want people to see the movie. it's a hollywood production and you want to attract young people and what attracts young people. nobody wants to say jesus was unark ax tractive or ugly or anything like that. if you had life of portraying jesus, how many people would see the movie some i'm being realistic. we would start to think of jesus as they really were. try to determine what that means for your faith and how you think about god and jesus and spirituality. >> i love how you ended the piece.
11:55 am
you were trying to think of the person who could be like jesus on earth today and come up with pope francis. you say is he hot? in a word, no. >> no. i love pope francis for very different reasons than his physicality. >> he is awesome. is he not? carol, thank you. and tonight, get ready for an all new cnn film and the oscar goes to. a back stage look at the biggest night here on cnn. hey guys! sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life.
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11:59 am
>> ralson began playing the violin at 8 years old. at 16 the junior and student at the cleveland institute of music started to feel exhausted and had difficulty breathing. >> i cooperate perform evidence tasks and couldn't remember how to dial a phone. >> she was misdiagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia and rushed to the hospital from a lung hemorrhage. she spent 2 1/2 weeks in a coma. >> there was about a period of a week and a half where they were not sure if i would live. >> doctors didn't know what was
12:00 pm
happening. >> i wassing up blood and i was diagnosed. >> it's a form of vasculitis. >> it took a toll on me. >> depression, weight gape, they both followed and the chemotherapy to treat the disease caused her hair to fallout. throughout several relapses, she never gave up on the music. despite struggling with endurance, she enrolled at the conservatory and even played carnegie hall. she started violin for vasculitis and now raises awareness and money for this disease. >> it gives me the ability to combine my illness and my music in a way that i never would have thought possible. >> last october kaman invitation to join.
12:01 pm
>> it's a goal i had for a long time. it feels really, really neat knowing that i overcame all of this and i'm still able to play. >> here we go. hour two. i want to begin the hour with ukraine fear of russian invasion. very, very real despite today's promise. vladimir putin with the war games near the border have nothing to do with ukraine. this has putin orders these military drills and battle readiness checks and armed forces right at the nation's borders. you have these pictures, 150,000 troops now at the ready. and we are learning from the u.s. military source telling us here that troops could potentially move in very quickly if and when an order comes from moscow. the fear goal is to storm and reclaim ukraine specifically
12:02 pm
this peninsula that connects ukraine to russia in the east. 50 gunmen have taken over this parliament building there, cutting the wire, storming the grounds, and look at what they raised. the russian flag. it's a move that many in the ukraine fear may be symbolic of what to to come. the chief foreign affairs joins me now and you can chat about this one. we deny this this has to do with the unrest. sec tear of state john kerry. we don't have it, but he is back and forth. saying listen, we are going to not step our big tow into ukraine, but i'm curious if you think this is chest beating on behalf of russia or does putin
12:03 pm
leave the wings and step forward? >> right. what the rugs are saying is this was a previously scheduled military exercise who knows at a minimum that they chose not to cancel it and it appears very provocative. there was already concern that may might take action to intervene in ukraine. most of the people that i spoke to and basically all the people i spoke to on this situation said they could not imagine pud in intervening in ukraine. there would be a strong international backlash. he does not want to encourage the break up of different ethnic groups in the region and different territorial claims because there some within russia that he is wary of. a lot of people said they couldn't imagine ukraine reaching this point. they were shocked it got so violent. to some degree we are in uncharted waters.
12:04 pm
>> you have the now fugitive former president of ukraine who apparently at the word of putin was really pulling the strings to many people there calling him putin's puppet. in your article you said putin loss in ukraine could be barack obama's gain. how do you mean? >> look. obama tried to do the reset with russia and thought the bush administration had misplayed the relationship with moscow. they reached a low point and putin is difficult and caused a lot of problems for obama. the policy in syria by supporting assad and taking in edward snowden who can forget the times oped. here's an opportunity for obama for the first time to poke putin in the eye. putin is on the defensive and worried about the protest
12:05 pm
movements at home and he is feeling vulnerable. we don't have a lot of leverage and particularly and unless we want to put our money where our mouth is, the american public and taxpayer is not going to support. you need to win over ukraine right now, either a bunch of tanks which we are not going to do for a lot of money because the economy is a basket case. >> let's get to the money. this has been going on, this proxy war between the west and russia for quite a while. it comes down to money. you point out that it's like a $35 billion price tag for ukraine to avoid bankruptcy. russia has got the money. even if the u.s. gets involved, why would they never be truly and economically dependent from russia. >> right. i think some of the talk about this in the west is maybe a little starry eyed and doesn't fully appreciate the deep economic integration in addition cultural ethnic. all the other reasons why they
12:06 pm
are tied. one reason why the president decided not to accept the deal in december that touched the whole thing off, they said you have to reform the economy that is being plundered by crooks. it's a joke and you need reforms that will be unpopular with the public. putin came in and said i will give you a free lunch if you stay with us. >> he said putin, i'm going with you. >> of course. that would be so much easier. in the long-term, ukraine needs to reform the economy to get out of the rut. in the near term, the incentives for those who don't want to anxietier the population are taking the free lunch from moscow and staying in the orbit. >> we are watching it. "time" magazine, thank you so much. and now some new disturbing information about specifically your privacy. guardian newspaper reporting that the spy agency gchq with a
12:07 pm
little bit of help from the nsa collected and stored millions of web cam images. millions of images from yahoo users and a large number were sexually explicit. the code name was optic nerve and continued through 2012. all of this according to nsa documents to the guardian by edward snowden. yahoo is denying prior knowledge of the program. if the hospital is true, it represents a new level of violations and user privacy that is absolutely unacceptable. >> bombshell revelations in the bridge scandal with chris christie's office. now we have this pressure trove of text messages going public. these are incomes between the two key players accused of
12:08 pm
deliberately snarling traffic on the george washington bridge as political revenge on the mayor who declined to support chris christie for reelection. the texts that we are getting our eyes on show then port authority official david wildstein and christie's then chief of staff bridget kelly mocking this prominent new jersey rabbi. our cnn investigations unit has been digging into this. me about this rabbi and also these particulars. why are they being released now? >> this new information is coming from documents that we have all seen before. if you remember, they were blacked out. today the committee that is investigating bridge gate said that information shouldn't have been redacted. they released new versions between a number of key players. it involves a discussion between
12:09 pm
bridget kelly, a top christie aide. they joke about of all things, causing traffic problems. wildstein sends kelly a picture of the rabbi and said "he has officially missed me off. she replies clearly, we cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we? he jokes, flights to tel aviv all mysteriously delayed. the rabbi in question is a gentlemen who is a chaplain of the port authority police. it's not clear from the text why wildstein was so annoyed with him. we reached out to the rabbi to maybe find out, but we haven't heard back. there is also a separate exchange between wildstein and a port authority police officer. that shows us that wildstein was on the george washington bridge the first day of the lane
12:10 pm
closures. >> anyother telling details going through the do you means? >> the top appointee is a guy named bill barony. he texted and asked are we being fired? that text came about a month before he resigned. i'm going to have more on this later in "the situation room." >> wow. thank you very much. new information with the texts. coming up, it's snag can be a real comfort in a time of sorrow and bereavement fare on a plane ticket. one plane carrier said they are no longer offering that discount. michelle obama offering changes to nutrition labels on food. one said it's a false victory not going far enough. we will get reaction from the chief correspondent, sanjay gupta. also very soon as we watch for this, president obama is set to launch a program he is calling my brother's keeper.
12:11 pm
intended to help young minority men. any minute now he will speak at the white house. we will bring it to you live as it happens. you are watching cnn. was creating positive energyy and a life of purpose and meaning was infused into a corporate culture. there was a commitment to creating new jobs out of recycled metals, right here in america. and a bank that helped carolyn rafaelian's business grow from a rhode island storefront into a global sensation. that's the beauty of connecting a vision to an enterprise. that's bank of america. purina dog chow light & healthy is a deliciously tender and crunchy kibble blend. with 20% fewer calories than purina dog chow. isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time,
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12:14 pm
we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at . >> if someone passed away, american airlines will no longer give you a special fare. a discounted ticket had been offered to customers who looked to book the flights because of someone's sudden death, but american airlines is adopting us airways policy. it offers customers the option to purchase changeable and refundable fares instead.
12:15 pm
>> at a white house event, they moved a huge deal. for the first time since they were introduced some 20 years ago, i remember when this happened to begin with. nutrition labels about to get a makeover to make them more understandable and the fda is now taking the next three months to get your feet back and input and then make the final call on these changes. >> coming in, our guiding principal here is simple. that you as a parent and consumers should be able to walk into the grocery store and pick an item off the shelf and tell whether it's good for your family. >> the chief medical correspondent joins me to walk me through. there proposed changes. not the the final deal yet. what will the labels look like?
12:16 pm
that's if they were more emphasized. look at the current labelings. you are talking about calories, for example. you can see the calories clearly right there at the top. >> much bigger font. >> it's not calories from fat and other things, it's the total. that's what people want to know when they are eating food. some of the nutrients. we all suffered from this and it's not so bad. it's servings. >>s as i am eying your pint of ice cream that i might have filled a bowl with this. it's just that. but you have to do the math. >> how many servings do you think this is? >> the whole thing? >> the whole thing? five. >> 12 servings. you are right. most people think this is going to be fewer.
12:17 pm
this is not 12 servings for the average american. a bag of potato chips. a lot of people eat this in a single sitting. you get both per serving and in case you decided to eat the whole bag, you get that information as well. >> you have the people who look at the labels and the people who could care less. how is the bigger font and the portion size really going to make those people targeting read this stuff. >> i don't know. they rather just avoid it. we do know that people who read labels tend to make wise decisions about what they order and purchase. on average, it would be 20 calories less a meal based on labels. it's not a lot, but a little bit and all those add up.
12:18 pm
when you look at labeling overall, it's a small part of a bigger problem. >> i try to look. i do. i do try to look. i don't always, but i try. don't forget. it's really light. did you eat all of this. watch sanjay gupta saturdays at 4:30 p.m. eastern and sundays at 7:30 in the morning. coming up next, the rant that director spike lee and everything he said a couple of nights ago. that sparked a lot of conversation and talked about this yesterday. we will talk about it today. my next guest said basically the spike lee comments are hypocritical. we will talk to him about what he means. also as he mentioned, we are watching the white house with a packed crowd. any minute president obama is set to launch a new program. he calls it my brother's keeper. it is intended to help young minority men. we will introduce you to some of
12:19 pm
the guys he met with and bring you this event live here on cnn. stay with me. so there i was again, explaining my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis to another new stylist. it was a total embarrassment. and not the kind of attention i wanted. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance.
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12:21 pm
12:22 pm
>> director spike lee catching a lot of backlash about gentification. he himself has witnessed in his neighborhood of brooklyn. the oscar nominated director went on "ac 360" to clarify and still defend exactly what it meant. >> i just hope that there is affordable to everybody and they
12:23 pm
will keep the great state. you have to be a millionaire to live in new york city. they have not been the great city that it is. ours are not going to be there. you can't afford to send them to a private school, it will be a disaster. there is affordable housing and you think of what the city is going to be in the united states of america. >> now some of the critics from hipster in brooklyn and harlem are calling out and accusing him of spurring on. welcome back. good to see you. >> obviously i read your column two times over here. you are putting that back on spike lee. you write this in part. somebody has to call bull on these complaints about gentrification. this is a man who made epic
12:24 pm
contributions to what he finds so troubling. that begins with the hatch house. explain to folks who don't know. what do you mean? >> the artist sold his estate of 9,000 square feet to spike lee not so many years ago for $16 million. spike put it back on the market for $32 million. one of the few homes that has an interior courtyard. an unbelievable place. google hatch house and you can see the photos. on it's an unbelievable place. there is no corner of new york where won't find working class people struggling to stay on. right off the bat it raises the question when somebody comes in and buys an estate and looks to resell it at twice that price, what effect does that have on housing prices. it's not that anybody should be condemned, but just like anybody
12:25 pm
else, spike lee is buying and selling and trying to do what's right for him and his family. no reason to criticize for doing the same thing. their transactions might have a few zeros left off. >> yeah, yeah. you have rosie perez, a long time resident of brooklyn and friend of spike lee. she talked to him and agreed with and understood what he was trying to say, but it's easy to dismiss as him being crazy. you put in the top and here he is in all his mother f-ing glory and did he have a point? the folks were part of the renaissance and lived the history are being forced out. >> this is the thing. rosie perez is part of this too. the art scene in brooklyn, you introduced me as a harlem native. not so far from there.
12:26 pm
part of that time was in ft. green. i was more of a bystander and there was an incredible cultural outpouring and spikily was the leading edge of that. he continued to market that neighborhood and make it cool and hip and make it interesting long after he left and sold his brown stone for $1 million and moved on. if you do that, you have to raise the question what did you think was going to happen. when people saw this was the coolest place on either, did you think they were not going to come or weren't going to pay top dollar for the homes that many people sold and left behind? this is inevitable. >> you talk about inevitability. we all end up mourning the disappearance of our favorite dive bar or coffee shop and it's painful to see them uprooted and seek fortunes elsewhere.
12:27 pm
that comes with the exhilarating pace and all the cussing in the world won't change that. that's before the next bitter sweet turn of the wheel. here's a push back on that. i'm not saying that the apollo theater is going anywhere. a dive bar is one thick. this would be another. no? >> look, there a million lesser institutions frankly. the theater kind of stands alone. that's iconic like a statue of liberty. there is a wonderful piece about a danish social club. the danish athletic club. a lot of scandinavians left a long time ago. the story was about how the new mexico can community makes the neighborhood and the city their own. that to me is what the city is
12:28 pm
all about. >> errol lewis, i love having ow. come back any time. >> you got it. >> we are watching the white house closely. look at the crowd. sitting in the white house because we are watching and waiting for the president. he is about to launch this initiative called my brother's keeper and it's intended to help support and create jobs and develop young minority men in this country. there some folks in the audience we want to point out. we will take you there live after this. [ intercom ] drivers, to your marks. go! [ male announcer ] it's chaos out there. but the m-class sees in your blind spot... ♪ pulls you back into your lane... ♪ even brakes all by itself. it's almost like it couldn't crash... even if it tried. the 2014 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers
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12:32 pm
. bottom of the hour. a live look inside the white house. this is a jam packed east room. a major event about to begin to help improve the lives of others. it's called my brother's keeper and he is working to help moor young men of color facing tough odds stay on track and reach full potential. don lemon is in the room there. don, wow. let's begin with who is in the audience. i know you spend time with the young men. >> there a lot of folks in the audience like a who's who. any lawmaker of color is here and otherwise. i had to point out over my left shoulder. trayvon martin's family sitting in the second row. jordan davis's family.
12:33 pm
it is defense the person who killed them. we are getting a warning to take our seats. the president wants to take what is successful and other cities around the country, he wants to make that an initiative that they embrace and give millions to. it is as you said private money. and philanthropists around the country. colin powell is here and the head of the urban league is here as well. i saw rahm emmanuel now that the mayor is here.
12:34 pm
especially in big cities where young black men face many issues in some big cities. 80% the black men in those cities have criminal records. a black child and black boy born today had a in three chance spending time in prison for in his life. that's what the president is trying to correct as we get ready here. you see all the people here getting ready. i will be here for that initiative. >> we will take it live. do me a favor and stand by. a voice walk in, the author of the eight principals of empowerment and a professor at syracuse university. listen, i know that you endorsed barack obama. many, many moons ago. when it comes to this initiative which we are about to see, you say this is too little, too late. why?
12:35 pm
>> i did soul searching and i talked to people who advocated for black males for their lives. people like this in chicago, i also talked to the political scientist and our conclusion is that we have to figure out if this is real. the proof is in the potato salad. when you decide you want to advocate for black males, that should not be charity. people are doing the work all the time trying to get resources in chicago. i live on the same street as the president and i see the father out there with the gang bangers and the guys who are struggling. he says the brothers need jobs and help. obama's allies, are they reaching back and offering support that these people need. that's what they have to look for. i wouldn't say they are good or bad. the evidence the speak for itself. >> i was reading the notes and one of which i would love to have you recount to all of us.
12:36 pm
it was an analogy involving rent. do you know what i'm talking about? >> yes. >> explain that to us. >> it's almost -- when you go back six years ago, you remember when they asked the president. they said it is almost at depression levels. black male unemployment is as high as 30, 40, 50%. that would be unacceptable. are you going to do anything about this deep inequality. back then they said something that i think was a mistake. the rising tide will lift all boats. that is trickle down economics. if i help all of america, it will help black america too. years later and i'm a finance professor, wall street is shooting through the roof. white unemployment has gotten better. black males are still in the basement. now when you come back and you have this initiative years later, it's like someone not paying the represent for two years and showing up with a
12:37 pm
check for $50. i'm giving you money. get off my back. there is a lot that happened that needs to be taken into consideration. >> stand by. we are looking at madpictures o magic johnson coming on. ahmad rashad with him. let me bring you back in here as you are standing by. can you just explain to me what we are about to see as part of this program. >> quite honestly what you are going to see is history. voice walk ins is right. the president received a lot of criticism and as any president would. he is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dealing with the issues. the difference is with this, everyone is going what's the difference? the president is going to make this his initiative for his entire life he said after he leaves the white house. once he leaves the white house
12:38 pm
it will be similar to what the clinton global initiative is and how former president clinton handles aides. he can take the politics out of this once he is out of office and take money from major corporations and donations to help young black men around the country. something he does as president is because he is the president of the entire country and not just black gentlemen. bl
12:39 pm
. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> i'm casey champagne and i'm 18, a senior at high park academy. i have been a youth guidance at high park for two years. i lived with my mother and i lived with my older sister who is in college. i enjoy working as a referee for a high school basketball games, but not as much as i love baseball. i'm an avid baseball player. a huge fan of the chicago white sox. >> that's right. >> my neighborhood is tough. it isn't always safe. just recently i was robbed while walking home from school. with those challenges they have not stopped me from wanting to have a better and safer place to
12:40 pm
live and work. they improvise a safe circle where men can learn the skills they need to stay on track. and we work on development, integrity, accountability and self determination, positive anger expression and visionary goal setting and respect for woman hood. we support each other. but we also challenge each other to live up to these values at school, home, and the community. last february president obama joined our group. he came into our circle was one of the greatest experiences of my life. most people don't get to meet him and if they do, it's just a hand shake. he sat down with us and shared his story. to my surprise, he was just like me. growing up without a father. sometimes not too concerned with
12:41 pm
school. i have always done a decent student, but i struggle with believing in myself. i have been challenged to see a brighter future for myself and meeting with the president has helped me to see incredible potential in all of us. the experience and the trip to the white house in june for father's day inspired me to see my future as only limit by my own vision of it. i stopped being nonchalant and started caring about my grades and the difference between an a and a b. i started demanding more out of i myself. i know excellence is possible and i need to strive for that. although sports are important to
12:42 pm
me, i folks on my gpa and i will get it back to a 3.8. [ applause ] i had aspirations to go to law school to become a prosecutor for the city of chicago. my dream school is new york university. being there and meeting the president opened up new doors for me and gave me a new outlook on life. it gave me more ambition and drive to accomplish my dreams. meeting the president and having him tell me that my life now is not different from the way his was made me realize i have potential too. through his eyes i have been able to see that potential in me
12:43 pm
and everyone in this room. ladies and gentlemen, i now have the honor of introducing you to the president of the united states. >> all right. thank you. everybody please have a seat. good afternoon, everybody. welcome to the white house and thank you, christian, for that outstanding introduction. and thank you for cheering for the white sox which is the right thing to do. like your parents and your teachers, i could not be prouder of you and the other young men
12:44 pm
who are here today. but just so that you are clear, you are only excused for day of school. i assume you have your assignments with you so you can catch up. perhaps even on the flight back. as christian mentioned, i first met christian about a year ago. i visited the high park academy in chicago only about a mile from my house. christian was part of this program called becoming a man. it was a program that the mayor introduced me to and it helps yuck man who show potential and may have gotten in trouble to stay on the right path. they got help with school work and learned life skills like how to deal with life's challenges and how to manage frustrations in a constructively way and how to set goals for themselves. it works.
12:45 pm
one study found among young man who participated, arrests for violent crimes dropped 44%. and they were more likely to graduate from high school. so as christian mentioned, during my visit in the circle, i sat down in the circle and we went around, led by their counsellor and guys talked about their lives and stories. they talked about what they were struggling with and how they were trying to do the right thing and they didn't always do the right thing. when it was my turn, i explained to them when i was their age, i was a lot like them. i didn't have a dad in the house. i was angry about it even though i didn't necessarily realized at the time. i made bad choices. i got high without always
12:46 pm
thinking about the harm it could do. i didn't always take school as seriously as i should have. i made excuses. sometimes i sold myself short. i remember when i was saying this, christian, you may remember this. after i was finished, the guy sitting next to me said are you talking about you? i said yeah. and the point was i could see myself in these young men. the only difference is that i grew up in an environment that was a little bit more forgiving. so when i made a mistake, the consequences were not as severe. i had people who encouraged me and not just my mom and grandparents, but teachers and community leaders. they pushed me to work hard and
12:47 pm
study hard and make the most of myself. if i didn't listen, they said it again. if i didn't listen, they said it a third time and they would give me second chances and third chances. they never gave up on me. so i didn't give up on myself. i told these young men my story then and i repeat it now because i firmly believe that every child deserves the same chances that i had. that's why we are here today. to do what we can in this year of action to give more young americans the support they need to make good choices. to be resilient and overcome obstacles. achieve their dreams. this is an issue of national importance. this is as important as any issue that i work on. it's an issue that goes to the
12:48 pm
very heart of why i ran for president. because if america stands for anything, it stands for the idea of opportunity for everybody. no matter who you are or where you came from or the circumstances into which you are born, if you work hard, if you take responsibility, you can make it. that's the core idea. that's the idea behind everything that i will do this year and for the rest of my presidency. because at a time when the economy is growing, we have to make sure that every american shares in that growth, not just a few. that means guaranteeing every child in america has access to a world class education. it means creating more jobs and empowering more workers with the skills they need to do those jobs. it means making sure hard work
12:49 pm
pays off with wages you can live on and savings you can retire on and health care that you can count on. it means building more ladders of opportunity and the middle class for anyone who is willing to work hard to climb it. those are national issues. they have an impact on everybody. the problem of stagnant wages and economic insecurity and stalled mobility are issues that affect all demographic groups across the country. my administration's policies from early childhood education to job training to minimum wages are designed to give a hand up to everybody, every child, every american willing to work hard and take responsibility for their own success. that's the larger agenda. the plain fact is there are some americans who in the aggregate are consistently doing worse in
12:50 pm
our society. groups that have had the odds stacked against them in unique . groups who have seen fewer opportunities that have spanned generations. and by almost every measure, the group that is facing some of the most severe challenges in the 21st century, in this country, are boys and young men of color. now, to say this is not to deny the enormous strides we've made in closing the gaps that have mired our history for so long. my presence is a testimony to that. across the businesses, military, communities in every state, we see extraordinary examples of african-american and latino men who are standing tall and leading and building businesses and making our country stronger.
12:51 pm
some of those role models who have defied the odds are here with us today. you know, the magic johnsons or colin powells. we're doing extraordinary things. the anthony foxes. anthony and i were talking yesterday about how both of us never knew our dads. and shared that sense of both how hard that had been but also how that had driven us to succeed in many ways. so those are examples of extraordinary achievement. we all know that. we don't need to stereotype that there is no dysfunction out there. but 50 years after dr. king talked about his dream for america's children, the stubborn fact is that the life chances, the average black or brown child in this country, lags behind by almost every measure and is
12:52 pm
worse for boys and young men. if you're african-american, there's about one in two chance you grow up without a father in your house. two, if you're latino, you have about one in four chance. we know boys who grow up without a father are more likely to be poor and as a black student you are less likely to read as proficient in the fourth grade. by the time you reach high school, you are far more likely to have been suspended or expelled. there's a higher chance you end up in the criminal justice system. and a far higher chance that you are the victim of a violent crime. fewer black and latino men have higher poverty rates and
12:53 pm
unemployment rates as adults. and the worst part is, we've become numb to these statistics. we're not surprised by them. we take them as the norm. we just assume this is an inevitable part of american life. instead of the outrage that it is. that's how we think about it. [ applause ] it's like a cultural backdrop force in movies, television. we just assume, of course it's going to be like that. but these statistics should break our hearts. and they should compel us to act. you know, michelle and i are
12:54 pm
blessed with two beautiful daughters. we don't have a son. but i know if i had a son, on the bay he was born, i would have felt everything that i felt with malia and sasha, the awe, the gratitude, overwhelming responsibility to do everything in my power to protect that amazing new life from this big world out there. and i want my son to feel a sense of boundless possibility. i want him to have independence and confidence. i want him to have empathy and compassion. i want him to have a sense of diligence and compassion for himself, the tools that he would need to succeed. i don't have a son, but as parents, that's what we should want, not just for our children but for all children.
12:55 pm
[ applause ] and i -- and i believe the continuing struggles of so many boys and young men, the fact that too many of them are falling by the wayside, dropping out, unemployed, involved in negative behavior, going to jail, being profiled, this is a moral issue for our country. it's also an economic issue for our country. after all, these boys are a growing segment of our population. they are our future workforce. when generation after generation they lag behind, our economy suffers. our family structure suffers. our civic life suffers. cycles of hopelessness breeds violence and mistrust. and our country's a little less than what we know it can be.
12:56 pm
so we need to change the statistics, not just for the sake of the young men and boys but for the sake of america's future. and that's why, in the aftermath of the trayvon martin verdict, with all of the emotions and controversy that it it sparked, i spoke about the need to bolster and reinforce our young men and give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them and i'm grateful that trayvon's parents, sybrina and tracy are here along with lucy and ron. [ applause ] in my state of the union address last month, i said i'd pick up the phone and to folks who are
12:57 pm
willing to help young men of color so america can reach its full potential. and that's what today is all about. after months of conversation with a wide range of people, we've pulled together private philanthropies and businesses, mayors, state and local leaders, faith leaders, nonprofits, all who are committed to creating more pathways to success. and we're committed to building on what works. and we call it my brother's keeper. just to be clear, my brother's keeper is not some new, big government program. in my state of the union address, i outlined the work that needs to be done for broad base economic growth, the manufacturing hubs, infrastructure spending. i've been talking about what we
12:58 pm
feed to do to expand economic activity for everybody. and in the absence of some of those macro economic policies that create more good jobs and restore security, it's going to be hard for everyone to make progress. and for the last four years, we've been working through initiatives like promise skblzo from lack of transportation to schools that are inflicted. and we'll continue to promote these efforts in rural and urban schools. those are programs that we think are good for all americans and we're going to keep on pushing for them. but what we're talking about here today with my brother's keeper is a more focused effort. on boys and young men of color who are having a particularly tough time. and in this effort, government cannot play the only or even the primary role.
12:59 pm
we can help give every child access to quality preschool and help them start learning from an early age, but we can't replace the power of a parent who's reading to that child. we can reform our criminal justice system to ensure that it's not infected with bias but nothing keeps a young person out of trouble like a father in a young man's life. [ applause ] in other words, broadening the ho horizons from our young men will require work from all of us. parents will have to turn off the television and help with homework. teachers will need to do their part to make sure our kids don't fall behind and that we're setting high expectations for those children and not giving up on them. >> the initiative, again, it's
1:00 pm
my brother's keeper. this is what the president's been outlining here in a very crowded room here in the east room of the white house. and as he said, this is as important as any other issue, any other initiative he has worked on thus far in the oval office. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. we'll see you back here tomorrow. in the meantime, "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> and we can do it together. president obama may insist that the u.s. is not in a chess game with russia but vladimir putin sure is moving a lot of pieces around the board. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. a russian warship is docking in cuba. russian flags flying at pre-ukrainian government posts. we'll ask john mccain if putin is planning something and thumbing his nose at the u.s. all at once? the national lead. it's goingo


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